Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Skating Simon Says

This morning, I went skating, as I often do. (Landing double salchows, for those who care!) I was expecting it to more crowded than usual, since it's mid-autumn festival here, which I believe is a national holiday. (Everyone gets Wednesday - Friday off from work, but then they have to work Saturday and Sunday to make it up, which seems to defeat the purpose?) Fortunately, it wasn't much more crowded than normal; but since there was no school, the average age of those skating dropped significantly.

There were two younger  girls skating who were both working on single jumps and basic spins, although I don't think they knew each other. Anyway, about halfway through the session, I began noticing an interesting phenomenon - whenever I worked on a specific element, all of us ended up working on that element, to  the extent that at one point, the two girls were actually doing synchronized side by side camel spins . Taking note of this strange coincidence, and realizing that I was likely viewed as the most experienced/most advanced/ most knowledgeable-because-I'm-from-America-and-so-is-Michelle Kwan-and-a-million-gold-medalists, I tested a hypothesis.

I did a sit spin.
They both did sit spins.

I did a loop jump.
They both did loops.

I did a lutz.
They both did lutzes.

It continued on this way for most of the session, until one girl left and the other's coach showed up.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ;)

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